Website design and wordpress development from scratch for the best coworking space in Kiev Ukraine

We created 6 layouts page designs, then developed wordpress theme from scratch for the client. Design is fully responsive and includes special unique landingpage builder with the full stack of needful tools and blocks in the content visual editor.



We designed and developed a brand new site for Miami premium chauffeur service

We used WordPress and Divi builder on this project. The project is launched and is being promoted in search engines. We are constantly engaged in the development and scaling of this project on an ongoing basis.

Corporate website for one of the biggest commercial construction company

Unique and responsive trandy and clean design of the website. WordPress theme from scratch. Super fast pagespeed. Minimum plugins. Clean code. Just amazing project.



Lightweight but extremely presentable website for video production studio

As usually design and code for wordpress theme from scratch. The task of the site is to quickly and beautifully present the work of the studio, while the pagespeed and rendering speed should be at their best. 

Corporate website development for COSA corporate intelligence firm

We designed the site from scratch. WordPress theme is sharpened uniquely for the client. The site is fully responsive for mobile devices and displays the entire corporate identity of the company. We accompany this project supporting system updates and expanding the functionality of the site.



Oficial website for the German corporate communication app Überblick

For over two years now we have been working with Überblick. We are constantly working on the company’s Wordpress website with the Divi.
Also developing UI/UX design for the applications.

The official corporate website of the Strauss multinational company. Developed on WordPress from scratch.

WordPress theme created for the needs of the client. We also developed a graphic design for the interface for some internal brands sites of the company.



Creative coffee history website for the Strauss coffee manufacturer

Page designed purely using JS, HTML and CSS from scratch.

Unique child divi theme for wordpress from scratch for a RIANA jewelry company

We developed a maximalistic graphical interface of the site, developed a subsidiary theme for the divi, taking into account the peculiarities of the client’s business.